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All those hot-button issues and trigger words verses Christian culture.
Description- The Lord detests the proud of heart. Why?
Description- Did Jesus practice the social justice of His day or did He apply justice according to scripture? Is Social and Biblical justice the same?
In addition to weekly Bible studies, visitors discuss how they live out their faith and calling.
Description- What was Passover and how is it relevant today? Can Christians celebrate Passover today?
Description- Chrise and Amy of Wycliffe Translators discuss the methods of translating for specific dialects.
Jesus is better than any Old Testament person or sacrifice.
Description- Again, the writer demonstrates that our battle has been won. We have been prepared for the mission of life, resting on the plan and victory procured so long ago. Ref; Heb13: 20-21, Luke 9: 22, 9:57
Description- The writer of Hebrews sends us off with this ultimate benediction as the God of Peace glorifies the Great Shepherd of His eternal covenant. In this we have eternal hope.
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