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All those hot-button issues and trigger words verses Christian culture.
Description- Are Christians expected to affirm everyone, all the time?
Description- The power of God... it's more than you think
In addition to weekly Bible studies, visitors discuss how they live out their faith and calling.
Description- What was Passover and how is it relevant today? Can Christians celebrate Passover today?
Description- Chrise and Amy of Wycliffe Translators discuss the methods of translating for specific dialects.
Each miracle served a purpose
Description- What constitutes a miracle and what is it intended to accomplish?
Jesus is better than any Old Testament person or sacrifice.
Description- Again, the writer demonstrates that our battle has been won. We have been prepared for the mission of life, resting on the plan and victory procured so long ago. Ref; Heb13: 20-21, Luke 9: 22, 9:57
Description- The writer of Hebrews sends us off with this ultimate benediction as the God of Peace glorifies the Great Shepherd of His eternal covenant. In this we have eternal hope.
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