Esther8 9:18-32, Joy and Celebration

An annual day of celebration called Purim was decreed to remember that day of deliverance. Jesus too, celebrated Purim.

An Assembly of Warriors

Living with tension as Christians in this world often requires great courage and risk. God is able to fight for us He will most often fight with us, all but guarantying victory.

Esther, Chapter 3 & Chapter 8

In chapter 3 we see Haman elevated to the second most powerful man in the kingdom which he uses to settle his own personal prejudices. Chapter 8 records God had other plans.

Esther Chapter 7, Humble the Exalted

Exalting oneself brings Gods chastisement.

Esther Chapter 6; I will exalt the humble

God loves to exalt the humble. Jesus is the perfect example of His work.

Esther; 5:9-14 Pride goes before the fall.

Haman will be set up and exposed by Esther and Mordicai but not before he is self exalted. Pride goes before the fall.

Esther; For Such a Tme As This.

When we find ourselves in a place we did not choose to be where courage and trust may be our only choice.

Esther; Kill, Destroy, Perish

Our past can set the stage for the future in ways we would never suspect. God does not forget and will eventually, when the time is full, complete what He started.

Esther; At The Gates of Jerusalem

Some Bible verses may seem to be incidental, even unnecessary. But God does not waste words.What He says and even where He says them are intentional, never coincidence.

The Proposal, the Process

Circumstances often force us in one direction or the other. But are we victims of these circumstances or is God arranging the outcome behind the scene? This is where Esther now finds herself.

The Magi

The Magi

Ester, When God Prepares the Way

God is at work even where the is no knowledge of Him or His intention. He will set the stage by using the circumstances to achieve His purpose.

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