Certainty in Christ

Uncertainty makes us anxious, suspicious and weary. An exercise using seven words as your “autobiography” can yield interesting and even unexpected revelations. Ref: Heb 8:1-16, Acts 2:1

Swear on My Own Name

As we heard in “The Promise Keepers,” Jesus as King is able to make the same promises as his Father because in His flesh, He has earned His Father’s name (and character). He has become the solution to the Levitical Law.

Fixed by the Law

Law enforcement, like the Law (the Levitical priesthood), only manages or regulates our indiscretions, it never eliminate them. The Law then, is an unattainable standard. A new “fix” is needed. Ref:Heb 7, John 15:15, Matt 27:45

In the Order of Melchizedek

Jesus was not a Levite, but He still occupies the position of High Priest. How does Melchizedek validate Jesus as priest? Ref: Heb 7, Gen 14;17, Psalm 110:4, Mark 15:33

The Promise Keeper

Even in the mess of life God’s immutable statements stand because HIs promise is based on His unchanging character. He confirms His promise by swearing on His own name. He promised he would never forsake or leave us and to return. Ref: Heb 6:18, Gen 22:16-18, Matt 5:33, Romans 1:16-17

Stigma and Imitation

Who we associate with defines us. We do what they do. Jesus did what he saw the Father do, Paul discarded all he knew and preached only Christ crucified. Ref: Heb 6:9-12, 1 Cor 1:1 & 22


Who would go back to Egypt after attaining the promised land? When one experiences His provision and saving grace and still refuses Him, the way is closed by choice. Ref:Heb 6:4-6, Num 13:26

On To Perfection

He has overcome the world defeating Satan, sin and death. When we deny ourselves and follow Him, we share in His perfection. Ref: Heb 6, Mark 8:34, John 14:25


Recognizing His sovereignty when it is difficult or unpopular. How does He display his sovereignty? Ref: Gal 4:4-6, Psalm 73, Deut 32:1-4

From Milk to Meat

We often learn more through discipline, repetition, anxiety and pain. Without practice, relearning is often necessary, requiring more “milk”. Are we ready for meat? Ref: Heb 5:11-14, John 4:16-18

Legalism or Obedience?

Legalism is the core doctrine of the Levitical priesthood. Jesus, not being a Levi established a new covenant between us and the Father. That covenant was the relationship with Him, demonstrated through obedience. Ref: Heb 5:1-5, Phil: 2:5

Loneliness and Fear

Loneliness and fear are not unknown to Jesus. He experienced and conquered both for our sake. How is this possible? Ref: Heb 4:14-16, Matt 28:20

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