Death; the end of Love?

Is Death the End of Love? While death and grief is universal, it is not final. John 11 illustrates this reality.

Megan Landis, Global partner, Philappines

Megan Landis serve as a marine biologist in one of the remote islands of the Philippines. The gospel is primary as it is subtly presented to the local community as part of every day life and culture.

IMMERSE in the english language

IMMERSE is our local partner in Millersville for international students seeking advanced English language skills.

Passover Today

What was Passover and how is it relevant today? Can Christians celebrate Passover today?

Chris and Amy Rice, Translators to Papau New Guinea

Chrise and Amy of Wycliffe Translators discuss the methods of translating for specific dialects.

Joel and Rachel Shelly, "Word of Life, Int." missionaries to the Philippines

Visit Joel and Rachel at

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