Miracles: The Centurion

The Roman Centurion, a man of authority, observed the authority displayed by Jesus. He knew His words were true as what He said was done. Faith from experience.

Miracles: From Jericho to Jerusalem

On this way to Jerusalem that week before he was crucified, Jesus encounters a blind man asking for his sight back. Jesus responded to this man among the many. Why?

Miracles: Jesus Heals the Bind Man

Jesus healing the blind man is both a miracle and a parable. What a twist!

Miracles: The Twelves Loaves

The Miracles of the twelve loaves was intended to challenge the doubts the Apostles harbored toward Jesus even as they participated in the very miracle. Jesus does not let up on the challenges or the proof of his Lordship.

Miracles: Curse of the Fig Tree

The curse of the fig tree was in itself a miracle, but a miracle confirmed as it was preformed and is still evident today.


Doubt. Would you walk on water if Jesus called you? Peter did but found he was still fighting his own doubts.

Miricles: Jesus calls the disciples

Jesus calling his disciples is more than just filling position. Its a display of miraculous personal transformation.

Miracles: Breaking the Chains

The legion of demons inhabiting the possessed man were powerless when confronted by Jesus. What must his followers thought when they observed this?

Miracles, Jarius and the sick woman

Jesus performed miracles without effort and sometimes without our awareness.


Jesus's first recorded miracle. What is the significance?

Miracles, An Introduction

What constitutes a miracle and what is it intended to accomplish?

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