Romans 16: 1-17

As Paul closes his letter, he calls out the some of the current day saints who are doing the work of the early church, most without any recognition or reward, often at substantial risk, witnessing to the power of Christ as he gathers his followers to Himself. We are called to the same.

Romans 15: 1-13 Endurance, Perseverance, Encouragement, Hope

Romans 15 lists those attributes that God provides and Paul desires to plant in us; endurance, perseverance, encouragement, hope.

Romans 14; Building Rightousness, Peace, Joy,

Gods commands to establish rightousness, peace and joy in a falllen world is not without risk.

Romans 14

Romans 14 addresses the reality of our differences and how we come to terms with them

Romans 12; Submit, Love, Do Not Slander

What then, is our obligation to Authority? Paul instructs us to submit, love, avoid gossip and slander.

Romans 12; The Spiritual Gifts

In Romans 12 Paul speaks of our resonable service in respose to His sacrifice. We are not abandoned

Romans 12; His Purpose, Our Response

Romans 12 transitions from our condition before him to our response

Romans: The Castle and the Castle Grounds

Why, after aliging ourselves with the SAvior do we still strugle with the old self? Living on the ca

Romans: The Sin Problem

Romans: 3:21-25, and 5:1-12

Romans: The Root of Sin

Why was Jesus rejected by the whole even by his own? By the time Jesus was born, sin had entrenched itself in the fabric of civilization. Though God still held us accountable, He had a plan.

Introduction to Romans

Intro to Romans

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