Buzz Word: Power

Is power God’s way of solving our troubles?

Luke 22: 25
This was a culture with slaves thus analogy of servant and Master would be understood by all.
Note the rights, authority and power that goes with being the Master
It’s not a permission to be irresponsible if new or young.
Jesus wanted them to be thinking about servanthood rather than bickering over the chief seats at the table. “I am among you as one who serves... “ as one who puts the food on the table, not just as the master sitting at the table.

John 14:28, Washing of feet at the last supper.
Jesus had all power but let them arrest him. On the cross, was he powerless? No.
Recommended book: A Redemptive Response to Satanism by James Wilder

Pain produces powerlessness. Demons play on pain and powerlessness. It’s a trap to think that more power will decrease pain or suffering but rather feeding bitterness, venting, being passive-aggressive, getting angry, fighting back, etc.  We do not see God doing that.

C.S. Lewis wrote that pain is Gods megaphone to a dying world.
God uses pain to draw people to himself.

Example, the “Mr. Rogers” movie. The reporter's life was changed by observing Mr. Rogers and his approach to people.

2 Cor. 12, Power is perfected in weakness

Colossians 2:13-15
“Powerless” means “dead” but infinite power was expressed at the cross. Sin, death and Satan were struck down at the cross.