Miracles: From Jericho to Jerusalem

Miracles; Mark 10:46-52
"Jerico to Jerusalme" by Bob Heim
Jesus headed from Jericho to Jerusalem for Passover, a 15 mile journey rising over 3000. He was traveling to Jerusalem for the final time to die.
According to Jewish law and oral law the Messiah will be able to cleanse a leper, the deaf and dumb, heal birth defects (like man born blind) and raise a person from the dead, even someone dead more than three days ("dead-dead").
This miracle records an "eye witness account" of last miracle He performed before His triumphant entry into Jerusalem. Bartimaeus (Mark Records his name) was just one beggar out of many. Bartimaeus appears later in the gospels for first century Christians.
This blind man called Jesus "the Messiah". How would a blind man know know this and those with sight not? Was he born blind? And Note, Bartimaeus wanted his sight restored meaning he wanted to see AGAIN! Most likely he once had sight and was not born blind. Perhaps this is how we know of the "written law", the Torah and not only the "oral law". Bartimaeus cried out but crowd attempted to silence him prompting him to call yet louder. And Jesus, while on His way to die, stops and answers him. This leaves the disciples clueless. Bartimeaus refers to Jesus as  "Son of David" aware he was addressing the Messiah and Messianic Royalty.
Bartimeaus knows this is his one opportunity for restoration and displayed humble attitude of faith.
He was sitting on his outer coat, his only possession and necessary for survival when Jesus the Messiah addressed him. He is lead to Jesus leaving his physical physical possessions, tied to his spiritual and financial need, behind.
Mark 10:17-22; The Parallels observed between Rich Young Ruler and Bartimeaus:
                                                        Rich Young Ruler                                         Bartimeaus
Traveling to                                   Jericho                                    Jerusalem
The approach                               Ran up                                       Cried out
Their view of Jesus         Good teacher, Rabbi                      Messiah Son of David
The crowd                       "Rabbi"                                            Shut up
The question                    How do "I" earn                             Have Mercy on me
The attitude                     I kept the law                                  I have nothing
The means                       My efforts                                       Mercy of God (Hesed)
The Barriers                    Focus on the world (rich)              His coat and coins
Jesus instructions          Give all to the poor, follow me.    Go your way healed
Conclusion                      Turned his back on Jesus             Followed Jesus to Jerusalem and became a leader.
Note the parallels discussed with this story in scripture with the Prodigal Sons, religious rulers and others.Take courage, get back on your feet for He is calling you