Romans 16: 1-17

1-16 greetings to people in Rome
17-20 instruction
21-24 greetings from people with Paul
25-27 instruction 

What was Paul thankful for as her references many by name in this chapter?

Vs 13 Paul thanked the mother of Rufus for her mothering role to him
Priscilla and Aquila risked their lives and held meetings in their home.The naming of so many and the roles they played was encouraging to those receiving this letter back then as well as us now as we read it today. The effects of their faith and actions continue today.
Women mentioned here by Paul for their role in Paul’s ministry. Some cared for him and were a lifeline for him to carry on. Their everyday roles and skills were noted as so very helpful.
See the reference of “In the Lord” following so many names and that they served through their God given strength, talent and ability.
We need to approach every person and situation recognizing that “this person is a beloved image bearer of Jesus Christ.” This is a difficult discipline for sure but could change our world.
Vs 18 "Don’t be deceived (seduced) by smooth talk or flattery".
Verse 19 your obedience has been observed by all.
Be wise to what is good and unyielding to what is evil.
"In Christ"
Use the opportunity of Thanksgiving this week to tell others around you what they are doing well in their Christian walk and how valuable they are to kingdom work by The Lord.
Verses 25-27 Dox means "glory". A Doxology is a written proclamation of Glory.
Be focused on our firm footing and unity In The Lord.
Finally, stand firm and love one another.