An Assembly of Warriors

Living w the tension as Christians in this world.
Romans 12:17-1, 8 Esther 6:9

At this specific the king couldn’t sleep and requested the KIngs journal of current events as something was weighing heavily on his mind .God was responsible for that sleepless night. 

God says “vengeance is mine, I will repay. ”Esther 9:1-5, the Jews receive an edict giving them permission to defend themselves on that day to come ( now 8 mo. & 20 days away).

9:1-2a, they assemble as warriors (for that day only)
9: 2b the tables are now turned on the citizenry of the empire and on the officials of the empire as fear grips them. Mordecai now has grafted the edict to defend his nation.

9:5 Jews destroy those who hate and attack them
9:6-10 Jews destroy the enemies in in the city of Susa ... 500 men & 10 sons of Haman without taking plunder or attacking the kin of those who are attack them.
9:11-12 The King is willing to do even more for this queen
9:13 Queen Esther responds by requesting an additional day of defense to which the King permits
9:14-15, Jews of provinces destroyed their enemies,75,000 total.

This victory marks the annual Feast of Purim celebrated March 7th and 8th by Jews each year. They were not in it for self gain, therefore no plunder, just self preservation. Only those who (after nine months to reconsider) still hated the Jews and desired to eliminate them from the kingdom. This will not be the only time such measures were taken against the Jews, notice, God always preserved them but not without out great rick and courage.