Esther8 9:18-32, Joy and Celebration

Esther 9: What is Joy?
How deep is the authentic joy in our lives?
How deep does it go and what is it rooted in?
Who am I in Jesus Christ?

Esther 9:18 Outline
9:18-19 bare facts
1. Feasting and joy, giving of presents
2. Dates

9:20-22 Mordecai writes down events and sends letter
1. Annual celebration established
2. The day the Jews got relief and their sorrow was turned to joy vs 22
9:23-28 - bare facts detailed presents of food to be given to the poor (indication blessing and favor)
9:29-32 - all of this is placed on the official record of Persia forever.

The book of Esther summarized:
Haman plots for the extinction of the Jews.
The date for their death was chosen by casting lots. (Lots called "pur".)
Haman’s death by his own plan.
The Day of Fasting (for Esther) and the day(s) of Feast for Purim (casting lots) still celebrated by Jews today.

Mark 8:29 Jesus, the son of man, begins to teach them about his future suffering, death and resurrection.

Mark 9:30 Jesus teaches the disciples privately. To be betrayed, killed and then to rise. The disciples were scared and fearful.

Mark 10:32Jesus leading the disciples into the death trap. Jesus again pulled them aside to tell them what will happen next. (Betrayed, condemned, beaten, killed and then rise from the dead.)

Luke 22:29The disciples have been in Jerusalem about a week now. Gethsemane Jesus praying alone and disciples asleep from exhaustion and sorrow.

Luke 24:13 Jesus appears to the disciples. Disciples retell the last few days.Then realize it is Christ. Their sorrow was turned to Joy.

To what extent does that deep work of Jesus impact our daily lives?

Never forget that day, and celebrate and feast.
 That day is coming, the feast is being prepared.
The King will provide the food for us.
 Let the LORD allow the hardships of our life to direct us to the day of celebration and feasting that is to come.