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The Age of Fear and Temptation
Description- Is there "freedom" in being an apostle? If so, can an apostle like Paul (or any christian) claim rights, even if we consider ourselves a slave to the gospel?
Description- Can we be a stumbling block to our fellow less mature believers? Are we our brother's keepers?
All those hot-button issues and trigger words verses Christian culture.
Description- Are Christians expected to affirm everyone, all the time?
Description- The power of God... it's more than you think
When God is silent.
Description- An annual day of celebration called Purim was decreed to remember that day of deliverance. Jesus too, celebrated Purim.
Description- Living with tension as Christians in this world often requires great courage and risk. God is able to fight for us He will most often fight with us, all but guarantying victory.
In addition to weekly Bible studies, visitors discuss how they live out their faith and calling.
Description- Is Death the End of Love? While death and grief is universal, it is not final. John 11 illustrates this reality.
Description- Megan Landis serve as a marine biologist in one of the remote islands of the Philippines. The gospel is primary as it is subtly presented to the local community as part of every day life and culture.
Each miracle served a purpose
Description- The Roman Centurion, a man of authority, observed the authority displayed by Jesus. He knew His words were true as what He said was done. Faith from experience.
Description- On this way to Jerusalem that week before he was crucified, Jesus encounters a blind man asking for his sight back. Jesus responded to this man among the many. Why?
Jesus is better than any Old Testament person or sacrifice.
Description- Again, the writer demonstrates that our battle has been won. We have been prepared for the mission of life, resting on the plan and victory procured so long ago. Ref; Heb13: 20-21, Luke 9: 22, 9:57
Description- The writer of Hebrews sends us off with this ultimate benediction as the God of Peace glorifies the Great Shepherd of His eternal covenant. In this we have eternal hope.
Intro and Study of Paul's Letter to the Roman Church
Description- As Paul closes his letter, he calls out the some of the current day saints who are doing the work of the early church, most without any recognition or reward, often at substantial risk, witnessing to the power of Christ as he gathers his followers to Himself. We are called to the same.
Description- Romans 15 lists those attributes that God provides and Paul desires to plant in us; endurance, perseverance, encouragement, hope.
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