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T2C is a product of the Pathfinders Adult Bible Fellowship at Calvary Church in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Because Pathfinders lamented missing any of their invariably outstanding lessons, Dave Welsh began recording the sessions and developed a system to manage the content.

But it was the biography of Pathfinder Curt Bitterman’s brother Chet, "Called to Die", that motivated the founding of T2C.

We realized that it had been sacrilege for quality teaching to just be heard once by those fortunate enough to be in the room, and never again, as is likely the case in Bible studies every week, everywhere.

T2C’s mission is to help draw people to Christ by reflecting the light of His truth and the warmth of His love via a continually improving portal to information, programs, and resources.

Our objectives are to :

  • 1. Make it easy to effectively save and share Biblical information, programs, and resources.
  • 2. Provide online resources to support Bible fellowship.
  • 3. To organize the sources of Christian information, programs and resources and make them easy to find.

Any Christian or Christian group may open a T2C affiliate account, including a unique URL (e.g., and, and publish blogs and post documents, audio, and video in their library. Subsequent to T2C approval, all blogs and library content will also be available at

Affiliates also receive a Look 1st account, including eConnect, at no cost.

We welcome and will respond to all comments and inquires.

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